Our Story

Tarheel Distributors Inc. was founded in 1991 and specializes in aftermarket replacement parts for manufacturing industries. Please take a moment to visit the Replacement Parts section to see all of the parts that we offer.

If you see a part that you are using give us a call to request samples. Also, if you have a part that you would like us to evaluate for manufacture you can send us a sample and we will provide a quote to you. Give us a try...you will lower your MRO costs.

What We Do

Tarheel Distributors is committed to providing cost effective solutions to your replacement part needs. We can help you lower your maintenance and repair cost... without sacrificing quality or availability of parts.

We have 1000’s of replacement parts for the poultry, pork, and textile industries available for sale. Take a look at the poultry, pork, and textile sections of our website to see what parts we have to offer for these various industries. Approximately 95% of the parts found on our website are in stock and available to ship same day.

If you do not find the part you are looking for, provide us with a new or used sample of a part and, if possible, your monthly or annual usage. We will take your part and provide a quote to produce the part for you. If you agree on the price, we can produce samples for you to test at your facility. Once you are completely satisfied with the performance of our samples, we can start production of your parts and make them available in our catalog and on our website.

We can even modify the design of any replacement part to improve it's performance.

Growing and Expanding

Tarheel Distributors also offers rebuilding services. You send us your assemblies and we will replace the worn components with new ones.