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Tarheel Distributors is committed to providing cost effective solutions to your replacement part needs.
We can help you lower your maintenance and repair cost... without sacrificing quality or availibility of parts. 
Reverse Engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation.  It often involves taking something apart (e.g., a mechanical device) in order to learn details of design, construction, and operation, perhaps to produce a copy or an improved version.

You provide us with a new or used sample of a part and if possible your monthly or annual usage.

We will take your parts and give you a quote.  If you agree on the price, we can produce samples for you to test at your facility.  

Once you are completely satisfied with the performance or our samples we can start production of your parts and make them available in our catalog.

We can even modify the design of any replacment part to improve it's performance. 

Tarheel Distributrors also offers rebuilding services.   You send us your assemblies and we will replace the worn components with new ones.
The Aftermarket Component
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