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Our parts are tested in real applications before being available for purchase.  They perform as well as or better than OEM parts.

We can offer you, our customers, a significant savings vs. OEM prices without sacrificing quality or availability of parts.

We have a large inventory of replacement parts that we stock at our facility so they are always ready for immediate shipment.

We offer samples at no cost on the majority of our parts so you can test them at your facility with no obligation to purchase.
Tarheel Distributors Inc. was founded in 1991 and specializes in aftermarket  
replacement parts for manufacturing industries.  Please take a moment to  
visit the Replacement Parts section to see all of the parts that we offer.

If you see a part that you are using give us a call to request samples.  Also, if  
you have a part that you would like us to evaluate for manufacture you can  
send us a sample and we will provide a quote to you.  Give us a will  
lower your MRO costs.
The Aftermarket Component
November 2015
We have updated 22 sections for Poultry Processing and we have added a section for
Trolley and Chain.
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